Beachbody workouts for beginners

Everywhere you look, the net is filled with fitness programs competing one against the other. Advanced routines, celebrities workout programs, hidden secrets to gaining mass, losing vast amount of fat tissue, dramatic shifts and before and after pictures…

But what about the average Joe and Jane? What about those who never aim for a six pack in less than two months? What about moms with two kids who only want to become more active, feel better, develop some functional fitness? Not everyone wants to become the next Arnold, just as much as nobody desires a ripped less-than-five-percent-fat body.

So, what are the alternatives, and is there another program besides what Rayan Raynolds tried for himself to get in shape?

Introducing Beachbody products

beachbody products

Beachbody products, some of them, have a reputation of being the hardest fitness routines you can find on the market. But that counts true for only a handful of them. Others, many others in fact, are less demanding, offering a nicely structured holistic fitness routine. They start by mixing cardio with some strength and resistance exercises, adding some balance and flexibility.

These programs, let us call them the easier ones, can be done by fitness novices. The upper limit to how hard you can push yourself is really high, regardless of the fact that the barrier to enter is set fairly low.

Most of them follow a two or three months routine, and are accompanied by a nicely balanced nutrition plan. The combination of strategically placed exercises, nicely structured sets and repetitions, as well as a killer nutrition strategy to healthy diet- it adds up to create a fail-prove programs that are proven to work.

What these programs lack is variety in terms of machines and equipment. Some deal only with dumbbells, while others use only gravity in order to create resistance. Nonetheless, the workouts and exercises within are fairly creative, and bound to be respected.

Why Beachbody products?

Aside from the fact that they work? Well, you can mention convenience. Truth is, these exercises are popular partially due to the fact that it is more convenient for someone to pop up a DVD disc into the player and sweat buckets, as opposed to go to the gym, take some clothes in the backpack, drive all the way back to your home after the “torture” is over.

They also happen to offer some of the best coaches cheering you alongside your journey, and motivating you to push harder and dig deeper.

They offer a holistic fitness routine you are unlikely to find somewhere else. All that knowledge, all that strategically placed exercises… well, it takes years of expertise and trial and error to get there. You are buying that for only something over 100 bucks.

They are fun, engaging, offer a lot of opportunity for socializing with peers, and hence staying accountable.

Which Beachbody products?

Focus T25 is a great option if you are a beginner interested in losing weight and have only 25 minutes to spare. Filled with modifications, easy exercise routines, and overall increasingly fun, this workout is as great starting point as any when it comes to holistic fitness and seeing fast results.

Hip Hop abs, though ancient, is another great workout routine. Also created by Shaun T, this one is a killer workout for ladies. Not that much in the sense of being intense and freakishly hard (as is Insanity, another workout of his) but more in the sense of being fun, engaging, and targeting the exact points where a girl might struggle with fitness.

The P90 workout, the newest release from Beachbody, is even better if you are a beginner in fitness and want to see great results while having fun. Tony Horton, who somebody consider the greatest fitness trainer nowadays, really surpassed himself with this one. The workout is very engaging and fun to do. Its tagline? – The workout everyone can do. Quite promising and really motivational for those who are beginners in the world of fitness.

If you are a fitness beginner, don’t have enough time on your hands for a more advanced and challenging routine right from the very start – then consider these three programs and chose based on your preferences. Whatever you decide to chose though, know that results will come fast, all the while you are having fun, staying motivated, and enjoying your fitness journey.