A Few Common Fitness Mistakes Women Make

No matter how careful you are, how much time and effort we place in our fitness routines and exercise, there is always a chance to make some mistakes that can ruin the overall effects of what we are doing. This is especially true for women who are trying to get or stay in shape. In case you have reached a point where you are experiencing frustration because your dedication and determination is not providing the wanted results, you should know that you are not alone. There are few common fitness mistakes women make and they were identified by experienced trainers.


  1. Avoiding weightlifting

There are many women who avoid this physical activity because they consider it to be manly activity. They also believe that they will gain too much muscle mass and lose their feminine appearance. This is wrong and these beliefs are based only and prejudices. If you think the same it is time to reject them right in the beginning. Exercises that increase the strength are very beneficial especially when it comes to bone health and health in general. By strengthening the muscles you can expect to improve your bodily composition and burn the fat layers.

  1. Spending too much time on cardio exercises

Don’t focus on the treadmill. You should increase the intensity of your exercises, but reduce the amount of time. Try something new and more challenging like sprints, Muay Thai or some new sport that you have never tried before. By performing exercises with increased intensity in shorter time intervals you will improve the work of the hormones and your metabolism which will result in burning fat and building stronger muscle mass.

  1. Too much focus on your abs

Every man and woman wants to have abs like the athletes we see on TV, but you should be aware that abs are mostly affected by our diet and what we eat during the day and not by the number of sit-ups we perform. As you perform the exercises you also need to include various exercises that activate the abs, but keep in mind that all these exercises won’t bring much result if you don’t change your diet.

  1. Try to limit the carbohydrate intake before exercising

Carbohydrates are the topic of many discussions between nutritionists and trainers. However, most experts agree that lower intake of carbohydrates brings better results when it comes to exercising. You need to understand that athletic training sessions for fitness are very different from training sessions used for losing weight. If your main goal is to strengthen your body and increase your fitness then you need to stop taking carbohydrates before the training. Try to exercise in the morning on an empty stomach or eat something that contains good fats and proteins.

As you can see, most of these mistakes are happening for one reason – women don’t have a plan and don’t know how to perform their exercises in the right way. This is why many experts suggest buying a workout dvd. With the help of some professional workout DVDs like the ones offered by Beachbody, women can find complete fitness programs that will help them get in shape really fast. Beachbody has different workout DVDs in their offer and you can easily find programs that suit your needs and desires.