Focus T25 workout review

The Focus T25 workout program is something that swept the advertisement space with the same intensity as its predecessors, the Insanity workout or P90X, did. It is a home workout program, put on DVD, with its aim to make you lose weight during the period of two months, while doing 25 minutes of exercise per day.


In this review, judging by the results I’ve witnessed, I will try to cover why I think it is successful and why it works so well. Inspired by the massive Focus T25 review published on Lifestyle Updated. This is the guy that convinced me to dig into this program.

It is based on the interval cardio method

Just like with Insanity, Shaun T knew that implementing intervals of cardio will provide for a more efficient weight loss training method. Therefore, throughout the workouts, even when you are using weights, the cardio aspect predominates.

You are jumping almost constantly throughout the workouts or, if you doing the modifications repeat a series of pulses, repetitive movements, and stretches. Whatever you do, the cardio aspect is obvious.

It lasts for 25 minutes with high intensity

Unlike other Focus T25 reviews, here I will not use the argument of a 25 minute workout as to promote convenience. Sure, it is convenient to workout less and achieve more results in few minutes, but that’s not the point. The point is that Focus T25 forces you to give your maximum effort in only 25 minutes. Therefore ensuring you are working out with full intensity- something that breeds results by itself.

An interesting question I get from other people using the program: How much should I push myself? Hmm… as much as you can!

You see, in the gym, you are doing repetitive movements that you count by the number. Here, you are not counting at all, but instead wearing yourself out.

Complex movements


There is not a single move targeting one muscle group at a time. It is either a mix of muscles, or one group combined with cardio, or one part of your body is working while the other is balancing and thus contracting.

Taken in its entirety, this is a workout combining various complex movements.

You are doing a squad, while also adding a jump every time you get up.

You are doing a push-up, while also adding an in and out ab movement every time you come up.

You are moving your arms, while jumping at the same time.

Contracting couple of muscle groups at once, engaging your whole body…

Focus T25 covers all aspects of fitness necessary to lose weight and look good

Cardio- check; strength-check, balance-check, flexibility-check, agility-check, coordination-check, endurance-check… If you think about it, Focus T25 represents a holistic approach to fitness and losing weight. Unlike yoga or running or strength training separately, it combines everything in the mix. Like Shaun T likes to say about another program of his- If you want to look like an athlete, you need to train like an athlete.

Focus T25 comes with a nutrition plan

Food represents not only fifty percent of the fitness equation, and exercise another fifty. They are both one hundredth.

So, eating healthy is as important as working out. Therefore, Focus T25 comes with a nutrition plan made to deliver results. In its essence, this nutrition plan is nothing more than principles of a healthy diet.

What is cool about it is the fact that it taps convenience as well. In this nutrition plan, you will be presented with 25 foods that are nice to have in your fridge.

Out of these 25 foods, you will be able to make 25 recipes, using 5 ingredients each, with only 5 minutes of preparation. Convenience, right?

There is a calendar to track your progress

The calendar schedules one workout for each day, and the philosophy behind Focus T25 is the same as with all Beachbody workouts. You show up every day, and when the calendar says it’s over, you will have the body you always dreamed of.

So, the Focus T25 calendar makes you cross a workout every day from the list, and it keeps you on track with your schedule.

The workouts


The alpha phase (since Focus T25 is divided in two phases- alpha and beta, each lasting for one month) is where you target your core more than anything else. You strengthen your core doing cardio at the beginning and then more complex movements later, all the while losing a lot of weight.

Here, in the alpha phase, you will improve your coordination, agility, cardio endurance, and have minor improvements in strength, power. All this jumping and core movements will amass and shape your lower part of the body.


The Beta phase on the other hand introduces strength training more aggressively. You add exercises with dumbbells, working your upper part of the body, focusing more on strength and complex movements. Cardio is still dominant, but less on the expense of strength. Here, you will finally start to see the form of your body changing noticeably.

The intensity of the workouts increases too, and you are, by then, probably able to withstand more intensity, thus cutting more on rest periods and adding more repetitions on each movement. You can push more, and if you do, there is more progress.

The modifications

Every move has its own modification, and unlike the Insanity workout where you are going through hell while working out, here you can take it down a notch. The thing is, you can always participate in the workouts and engage yourself. The thing is to take these modifications only when you really need them. If you do follow the modifications, watch for Tania, one of the girls who modifies the movements.

These modifications help a lot with injuries and introduce to fitness people who are absolute beginners, and also reintroduce those who once worked out but out of some reason stopped.

What to expect from the Focus T25 workout?

  • Expect improved cardio endurance, strength, balance, flexibility (though not that much), speed, agility.
  • Expect 10 or more pounds less.
  • Expect increase in muscle size (though not that much).
  • Expect increase in muscle definition.
  • Expect fun.
  • Expect motivation.
  • Expect progress.

It is really up to you what kind of results you will get. The Focus T25 workout is not a magic wand, and the sooner you understand this, the better the results. Aside from the 25 minutes duration which is perceived as fairly easy, you will have to dig deeper, try harder, follow the nutrition plan (or at least it basic principles), show up day after day and cross one workout from the calendar after another.

Try Focus T25 for two months, and there is nothing to lose. You will have fun, while doing something great for your body and lifestyle.

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