Making fitness a personal habit

Nowadays we are all obsessed with getting stuff, doing stuff, maintaining stuff. Fitness, and having a nicely shaped body, is no exception. We not only want to make a great looking body, sculpt our abs, define our arms and shoulders- but also want to maintain that shape, keep it constant. Don’t get me wrong now; the fitness journey is, in itself, a transformation towards better life. Not only will you look better, but you will feel better, perform better- both physically and emotionally. But when life gets in the way, with all the upkeep that usually comes with it, it is hard to maintain what you once achieved, yet alone start from zero.

So how does a busy person catch up with fitness?

4 steps to put fitness on autopilot

  1. Make it a daily habit to exercise

Each day, every day – no excuses. At first it might be a little difficult breaking the habit of comfort, but you will be surprised how fast discomfort will subside, and how fast you will get used to doing crunches or sit-ups or whatever it is. Excuses are toxic. One day can easily roll into two, and three, and before you know it a week has passed by.

  1. Make it fun

Make it sustainable over the long haul. Customize it, personalize it… Otherwise it won’t last. Make it so that you are having fun each and every time you take up those dumbbells, sit your behind on that yoga mat. The more of you goes into the habit, the more it is likely to last. What excites you? – Cardio, jumping exercises…? Or is it weights that turn your switch?

Whatever it is, make sure you implement more of that into your training routine.

  1. Change it up from time to time

In alignment with the previous point, you must make fitness interesting and engaging by making it diversified. A tool to fight boredom at first, this will add points to your progress in verticals such as strength, flexibility, speed… You see, by diversifying your program, by adding variety to all your routines after a while, your body tries to adapt hence becoming better. Variety does three things- it keeps you away from boredom, as I already said; it prevents injury; and most of all it forces your body to adapt, not letting it get used to a single set of challenges.

  1. Up the ante

One additional push-up- that is all it takes. One more squad, one more crunch… five more minutes doing cardio. You see, by forcing yourself to do better each and every day, you overcome the biggest problem in fitness- plateaus. And don’t get me wrong- I’m all in about maintaining your form over a prolonged period, but you must break some ground here or there. If your strength level is more or less equal throughout the year, why not try and increase your flexibility? There are millions aspects of fitness, and you must try to up the ante with some of them. If you find it hard to change numbers in terms of sets and reps, or weight added, why not introducing new exercises, new routines?

If we are serious about getting fit, and maintaining our shape over the months, then fitness must become a part of who we are, part of our daily routine. And in order to achieve this, we must first consider making it convenient, making it fulfilling. Following these steps, your fitness journey will transform within weeks and you will have lots of fun pawing the road to a great looking body and staying healthy in the process.