Fitness resources for losing weight

For most people who start with fitness and try to lose weight, just going to the gym simply won’t suffice. For fitness includes a vast data of information, be that in terms of nutrition, exercise, an overall approach to a healthy lifestyle… And while some might be ok with listening to advice and doing what they’ve been told, others understand that being for life, fitness deserves more attention. So we start educating ourselves, learning mostly through trial and error.

Such a process may prove to be an exercise in frustration, and the best way to avoid one error after another, is to tap into the archives, notes, recommendations, that other people have already left before you. Without a further ado, here is my curated list of fitness resources that will hopefully help you in losing weight, staying healthy and fit, and finally shaping your body in a way you always dreamed of.

Start with blogs

Read blogs on daily basis, as one sort of an exercise and you will be surprised how fast knowledge accumulates. In order to give you the upper hand here, these are the few that occupy my reading list.


A blog featuring news and discoveries in the field of fitness and health, Greatist is one publication you don’t want to miss. Excellent editorial policy and equally well-written articles, this is a site about fitness and healthy living that you will love.

Nerd Fitness

Steve Kamp is a guy who wants to call himself a fitness rebel. Putting to test some of the basic assumptions about fitness, here you will find a lot of case studies, interesting experiments, the answers to many provocative questions.

Lifestyle Updated

A much smaller database of articles, but with some of the most detailed home DVD workout reviews. It gives a slightly different outlook on fitness, especially aiming towards holistic fitness, integrated in lifestyle design.

The art of manliness

A blog featuring vast database of fitness related articles, in what is a garden variety of topics and questions. Some of the articles are written by professional athletes, and writers frequenting the most popular fitness publications.

YouTube channels

Depending on your taste and ultimate goal with fitness, you can dedicate your attention to one fitness topic or another. Assuming that you are a beginner though, the best places to hit the subscription button would be those who target holistic fitness more than anything else; though you can try to follow a specific route even at the very start.

Tony Horton’s YouTube channel

This guy is the perfect advocate of fitness and healthy living. In his early fifties, this guy stands behind some of the most popular workout programs ever released. He knows stuff. And lots of stuff, too. You will find him doing videos about basic moves, advanced routines, specific exercise movements. His accelerated series are a blast.

Mike Chang six pack shortcuts

This guy aims more on the bodybuilding aspect of fitness. Routines made out of sets and repetitions, and much info about healthy foods and lifestyle changes; a huge database of videos, all of them really resourceful.

Yoga-best of YouTube yoga channel

Start with flexibility and build on it from there. Basic yoga moves, and a nice transition towards intermediate and advanced postures.

Fully raw Kristina

Raw food explained- recipes, motivation and then some.


Tony Horton’s Bring it!

This guy again- An introduction to fitness and healthy living from another angle. His philosophy on healthy living and aging backwards as he likes to call it, compressed in what is a single book filled with routines, exercise movements, nutrition hacks and way more. The best motivation for fitness you will ever get.

Bruce Lee- The art of expressing the human body

A book filled with his philosophy on living, fitness, health, physical performance. A lot of useful info from what is the most respected fighter in the history of the world.

Anatomy of strength

Strength training scrutinized down to its core- Programs, tricks, training methods, training principles, movements, measurements… Everything you need to know if you want to follow into the path of strength training.

The four hour body

The memoirs and findings of a real-life human guinea pig in his pursuit to hack the human body. Secrets to weight loss, massive gains in muscle and strength, and experiments like you wouldn’t believe, that will change your views on some of the myths in fitness.

Home workout programs

The Insanity workout

A bananas routine that quickly transforms into an ordeal. Strengthening your body and mind during the course of 60 days, this will turn you into a fitness machine. No other program in the world can make you lose more weight in that time frame.


Similar to Insanity, P90X aims more on strength training, while tasking you with less cardio. Tony Horton will motivate you through the course of 90 days, so your body can progress one step at a time… The result?- a stunning body and huge transformation.

Focus T25

A 25 minute revolutionary program, that will make you lose more weight in 25 minutes than any other workout. Easy and fun to do, it is quickly becoming a hit among beginners in fitness and exercising.



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