The review of P90

The newest workout program by Beachbody P90 is already making a huge buzz in the fitness industry. It took Tony Horton 20 years of experience to finally be ready to say that this is his finest product up to date. A powerful statement if you consider how well its predecessors turned out to be. Namely, P90 is very similar to P90X, only without the “extreme” part of it. It is what Tony calls it, the on switch to fitness.

p90 workout review

Before reviewing P90, who it is for?

Unlike other more demanding programs released by Beachbody, this one is the one everybody can do. So it goes that it is targeting fitness beginners. But here is the trick, even fitness veterans, who got into shape and desperately want to stay there, can also benefit from P90.

Just like the other previous releases of the power 90 series, you can modify your level of intensity. The only difference is though, that if you cannot handle the basics, there is a modifier for every workout. This way, P90 can be done even by the very beginner when it comes to fitness.

So what is P90 actually?

It is a 90 day program, which forces you to start at the base of your abilities, and then, as the weeks go by, progress to a rather formidable level of fitness. Meanwhile, you will follow a specially designed meal plan (which in comparison with the ones from the P90X series is fairly easier to keep up with), and track your progress using a calendar telling you which workout to do each day.

The workouts usually last for about 25-45 minutes, and the intensity, though lower, can be modified depending on your current level.

Don’t get me wrong here, the exercises might be easier to do, but they are not easy at all. You will have to push harder, and you will have to break a sweat. The more you invest yourself, the more this program will work for you.

P90 is what make of it.

What exercises to expect?

Cardio is a given. Only this time it is simple cardio, with less intensity. Jumping is also taken down a notch, and resistance moves are given a slightly more attention.

The resistance moves usually involve your own body weight, but there are also dumbbells in the mix, and here you will notice the biggest difference. Complex exercises that target more muscle groups at once, working on your cardio endurance, strength, balance, flexibility and agility.

There are also exercises that work by isolating the muscle, and in combination with more complex resistance exercises and cardio, P90 is something remarkably efficient.

For a more detailed info about the workout you can check more comprehensive reviews, especially the P90 review on Lifestyle Updated.

Why P90?

Because it is easier to follow. Many people achieve great results with other programs, only to find out that motivation and will power become stale after a while, and it is hard to keep things up.

P90, is unique in a way that you can continue with it long after you achieve your goals. It is easier to incorporate into your lifestyle, and hence there is a greater chance that you will stick with it. Besides, the program is fun, engaging, and very easy to do.