Some workouts to try for beginners

Coaching for a while, I was able to witness couple of obstacles that usually stop most people from seeing results with fitness. The thing about them all is that they are as common with beginners as they are with more experienced folks. Regardless the program they follow, most people stumble on couple of similar bumps along their fitness journey.

beginner exercise

Why most people quit, and never achieve results?

First of all, you must understand that these problems are universal when it comes to following a program, regardless of whether it is a fitness one, or some other sort of personal development course. What is usually the biggest chore is that most people neglect the fact that programs, fitness programs too, must become a part of your life, part of your everyday.

And in order to become that, you must feel comfortable doing the on daily basis. Granted, you will have to push past personal obstacles and go against your reflexes now and then, but the bottom line is that as long as you are resenting it every day, chances are you are soon about to abandon ship.

This stands true for beginners and veterans alike. So what is the alternative?

Find programs that work for you

Losing weight, gaining mass, or simply becoming better in some measurable form of fitness, they all depend on finding a suitable program; a program that will not only bring results, but keep you sane enough to keep going. Such program should keep you motivated, engaged, and most of all interested.

Whether it is a biking regimen, or a swimming course, or lifting iron in the gym or whatever, couple of basic principles apply:

  • Keep yourself engaged and make it fun
  • Make it a daily routine- a part of your life
  • Keep it simple if you can
  • Challenge yourself over time
  • Stick with it

Try these Beachbody products

Beachbody products are designed by coaches who, more than anything else, keep try to these principles. They figured out a “formula” that worked, and applying these principles millions of people have seen great results.

Focus T25

This workout is a simple and slow introduction to the world of high intensity cardio training. A derivation from its predecessor Insanity, and put together by the same coach, Shaun T, Focus T25 takes you through cardio routines that slowly shift towards resistance exercises.

There are also weights involved, and this two months long program with workouts lasting for 25 minutes is going to bring you in very good shape.


A somewhat more extreme program, designed to last for 90 days, P90X takes you through longer workouts, more grueling routines and more complex moves. If you can muster the will power necessary, then this one is a perfect choise.


A remake of the original power 90 series that brought Beachbody a lot of buzz more than a decade ago, this one is probably the best pick so far. Most suitable for beginners, P90 offers a chance for everybody to work at his level of intensity.

The workouts last from 25-45 minutes, and very new complex moves are being introduced. Tony Horton, the creator of the P90 series, says this is his finest work thus far.

This program is yet to be released, but P90 reviews are already starting to appear on the net. It seems as though P90 is going to be Beachbody’s biggest hit so far.

Whichever of these workouts you try, chances are you will achieve results, and do so by having fun and being very motivated and generally stress free. Besides, they are a great intro to functional fitness and many sports and other physical activities. As Beachbody’s tagline goes, these are indoor workouts for the outdoor world. What is even more important is that aside from losing weight and looking good in front of a mirror, these workouts will give you great habits, both fitness and nutrition wise, improve the quality of your life, and then some.